"Emma’s energy is inter galactic, she is positive at any times of the day and will always ensure everyone around her feels great. Her creative spirit and well nourished intellect allows her to bring insights most people miss. She is surfing the good vibes wave like a professional surfer from Waikiki on a tsunami. If you look for someone to represent your communication and marketing efforts, I couldn’t recommend Emma enough!"

-Jean-Loïck Charleroi, Founder CEO Serindipia

"Emma is creative and solution-orientated. I was impressed by her people skills which made every working-day fun and exciting. Emma is flexible, hard-working and able to quickly adapt to keep up with a fast-working industry. She would add value to any company, and I would recommend her for any endeavour she chooses to pursue.."

-Matilde Slotte, Product Manager (formerly at Mytheresa)